Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Kaylan Morgan Falgoust : US American Hunk

United States of America is strong and big country, this country is the most powerful country in the world. No wonder many peoples in the world called USA as the "superpower". US American men is also have something to proud about, many American hunk becoming male supermodel for example Kerry Degman, Tyson Breckford, Terron Wood, Chad White and many more. This country produces a lot of hunks who mkae big in fashion industry, In fact almost 60% top male model is from USA.

Of course left in our mind, why America producing a lot of hunks? well,the answer is because sports is popular in their country. Many American parents want their kids to be stars in sports instead being smart academically. So that's why many American becoming stars in many sports even. The most popular sports in USA is Football, Baseball and Wrestling. This three sports is proven producing many hunks in USA, in fact most of them pick modeling as their main living next after their graduate from School or College.

One of famous male model from US whom a baseball player before is Kaylan Morgan Falgoust. This 21 years old is rising star in Modeling industry. He was a good baseball player in his High school but its look like this sports cannot make good fortune for him so he picked another career: becoming a male model. Kaylan know about modeling world from his closest brother who is also a male model. His brother, Landon Falgoust signed Kaylan on his model Management, the LA based model Management, CITY management. And then after that both get many job and even working together in many photo session.

Kaylan admit that he no a shy guy, he very comfort to wear anything in the front of camera. In fact he said He also comfort wearing only underwear on the stage. Kaylan and his brother have a beautiful gene from their parents, Kaylan is tall and muscle. In many Gay magazine there's a lot sexy photos of him. Check few of this hunk pictures below.

Kaylan Morgan Falgoust Bio:
  • Full Name : Kaylan Morgan Falgoust
  • Nick Name : Kay, Kaylan
  • Ages : 21 years old
  • Nationality: American
  • Eyes : Brown
  • Hair : Dark
  • Management : City Management


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