Sunday, September 19, 2010

Beautiful Muscular Physique: Tyler Davin

Tyler Davin, born in 1985, in New York City, is an American model, personal trainer and nutritionist. Davin has always been active either in sport or working out. Passionate about achieving a great body, he started working on developing his physique in his teens, and learning as much as he could about fitness and nutrition. His hard work paid off in 2007 when he was spotted by a photographer and coaxed him to take a shot at modeling. His very first photo-shoots was shot by veteran lensmen Rick Day and Bruno Rand. In 2008, Davin graced the coveted front cover of the highly popular male magazine “DNA” with renowned photographer David Vance. This feature raised his stature to that of an internationally recognized model and has since appeared in several underwear campaigns and editorials. Davin stays fit by eating healthy, doing the right balance of cardio and weight training five days a week. When asked what his favorite parts of his body, he says his back and shoulders. Besides modeling, Davin is a personal trainer and a specialist in performance nutrition so he truly enjoys helping others reach their fitness goals. Tyler is insanely muscular and absolutely delicious!


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