Saturday, July 9, 2011

Don't Understand the Public's Fascination with Harry Potter

* Spoiler Alert - Please don't read if you still want to see the movie or read the book.

There are many Hollywood franchises that I haven't seen - all the Star Wars movies including the prequels, the Spiderman movies, and until today, the Harry Potter movie series. And I don't think I missed anything. Which is good.I did try to enjoy the movie and there are some interesting scenes like when they drink the potion and they all looked Harry, or when they drank the potion again and they assumed the character of the employees. What happens in that office is probably the most exciting part of the movie - at least for me.

I think this movie franchise works because the three actors are so good and in that scene, they are so funny! I also liked 'the creature' and 'the goblin' when Harry and his friends hid from I don't know what. I fell asleep during the middle part though. I don't remember what happened there. Otherwise, it picked up towards the end. I love the scene where Helena Bonham Carter appears! She's such a wicked actress and she's impressive in the last few scenes where she's oh-so evil!

Well, I guess I expected too much because of the public's hype on it. But, still I don't understand why. I mean, so what if Harry Potter gets killed? Is his character like Jesus Christ, Mahatma Gandhi or some great leader? So what if he dies? What will change in that world? Or maybe I have to watch from the start to understand. Yeah, maybe I have too. What I'm feeling now is similar to what my Mom felt when she watched Sex and the City. You wouldn't understand where the characters are coming from if you only watched them there. Fair enough.


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